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Top 9 Weider Home Gym Review(Buying Guide 2022)

So, you want a fit body while being at home? Surely you can try out home workouts but that won’t be sufficient, I can tell you that. You can go up to a certain point and gain some strength with freehand home exercises. However, that doesn’t mean you must go to the gym. Because there are other ways you can make that dream body come true. In this Weider Home Gym Review, you’ll find what’s the best home machine that suits your best.

When it comes to building muscles at home, your best bet is home gym equipment. And one of the best home gyms you can get, come from Weider home gym. They have a lot of varieties in their home gym setups. So, it’s always a good place to start from their collection. 

Now, I have been through this scenario of choosing home gym equipment. I tried out several of them as well. Here, I bring you the top 9 Weider gym equipment that you can get for your home gym. Let’s hop into it without further delay.

Why Buy a Weider Home Gym in 2021?

There are several reasons for buying a Weider home gym. If you are considering making a home gym at your place then Weider can be your choice. Here are the reasons-

First of all, the brand value. Whenever you are buying a home gym you have to count on the brand. And Weider is a renowned company for making home gym equipment. They created a quality of their own amongst their customers. Many professional trainers also prefer Weider home gym equipment.

Secondly, the durability factor of the Weider home gym is second to none. They ensure the durability of all their home gym equipment with all their might. The build quality is exceptionally good compared to the other home gym companies.

Next up are wide ranges of options and models. There are so many different choices you get from Weider home gym that you might get confused about which to get. Some of them are specialized in certain exercises and some come as full-body workout equipment.

Lastly, these home gyms can be space-saving in many cases. The dimensions of Weider home gyms are a bit smaller so you can fit them in your room. That can be a big factor you should consider.

So, there are a lot of reasons you should consider buying a Weider home gym.

What to look for when buying Weider Home Gym

There are a lot of varieties in Weider Home gym. They come with different features and specialties of their own. So, when you are buying a Weider home gym make sure to check out these factors to make your choice. This way you will get the equipment that suits your needs.

Durability and Built Quality

The first thing you should be checking out is the built quality of the equipment. Because a piece of gym equipment is supposed to take up your body weight. So, it needs to be sturdy and rugged in construction. Weider home gym machines always come with durability and better-built quality. All you have to do is find out the correct model with sturdy construction. Weider doesn’t make fake promises.

Exercise capacity 

Isn’t this one obvious? The whole point of getting a piece of gym equipment is to get versatility in your exercises. Things you can’t normally do with freehand exercises. Now when it comes to Weider home gym you get lots of options.

Some come with full-body workout options and some are specialized in targeting certain muscles. It’s always better to go with a full-body workout machine as you get a lot of benefits. Especially, if you don’t have any other equipment at home that can be a good option for you.

Resistance Power or Weights

Weider home gym comes with a weights option as well as a resistance band option. Having weights in your workout sessions can be very helpful when you are planning to bulk up. It helps you track your progress and weight. On the other hand, resistance power can be great for strength training and maintaining lean muscles. However, you can also find some Weider home gyms with both facilities.

Weight capacity 

This pretty much falls under the built quality. But still, I would consider this as a major factor. Weider gym usually provides you with machines that are capable of carrying 250 to 300lbs weight with ease. So, if you find one that is below this number then let me tell you there are other options to check out.

Size and Dimension

You don’t want to fill a whole room with the home gym equipment. You would want something that comes with features while saving some space. There are a variety of sizes and dimensions in the Weider home gym range. There is one that only needs space for the door to set up. So, if you have space to save you can get that and still work on your body.

Top 9 Weider Home Gym Review

We have selected the top 9 Weider Home Gym Reviews for this article.

Editor’s Choice

Weider Ultimate Body Works

Man Exercising on Weider Ultimate Body Works

If you are looking for a home gym that you can just bring out when you use it then this is your thing. It comes with a lot of variety in exercising possibilities and space-saving features. And the best part? It’s affordable.

Product Specification

Max. Weight capacity250IBS
Dimensions59″ L x 27.5″ W x 48″ H
Exercising capacity50+ exercises
Resistance capacity200lbs


Here are some key features to look at one. 

Saves up space

Don’t have much vertical space at your home? No need to worry about this one. Because it’s equipment that falls flat saving up vertical space in a room. 

Versatility in exercises 

Whether you want to shape up your chest, abs, or lats you can do it all with this one. This comes with 50 varieties of exercises that you can do on this one. 


Worrying about the money? Well, you don’t have to worry about paying too much if you are getting this one. It’s complete home gym equipment with the most reasonable pricing. 


If I have to nitpick on something then it would probably be the adjustment knobs. They can get jammed now and then. Another flaw with this is the collapsible feature. It’s a bit hard to master in the beginning.

Best Overall Weider Home Gym

Weider Pro 6900 Weight System

Photo of Weider Pro 6900

Considering to bulk up? Then you will need some weights to train with. Because bulking up doesn’t work with just resistance power. So, this can be the best bet for your home gym to bulk up. And you can train all your muscles.

Product Specification

Dimensions43″ W x 82-1/2″ H x 77″ L
Exercising capacity55
Resistance capacity330lbs


This comes with quite a lot of features- 

Weight plates

Having the weight plates already makes this one different from other home gyms. With the weight plates, you can keep track of how much you are lifting and how much you are progressing. 

Bunch of exercises

With every piece of gym equipment, you would have this question how many exercises you can do with it. Well, on this one you will be able to do somewhere around 52 exercises with the 6 different workout stations. 

Adjustable seat 

Having trouble sitting on the machine? Don’t you worry at all? You can simply make some quick adjustments and be comfortable with your position. Comfort matters while working out. 


Even with all those good stuff, there are some things I couldn’t just ignore on this. Firstly, it’s very hard to assemble. Second, it takes up a good amount of space in your room. Lastly, there are some inconveniences with the bars

Best Runner up

Weider XRS 50 Home Gym

Weider XRS Home Gym

Whether you are training for strength or bulking up this is gym equipment for both. Using the resistance bands, you can train without any limits. And with the weights, you can keep track of your progress. I was confused between XRS 50 and Ultimate Body Works writing this Weider Home Gym Review because both are great machines for home workouts. This machine featured my another article, Best Home Gym Under $500 as all in one home gym. I insist you check that out.

Product specifications

Max. Weight capacity300lbs
Dimensions78.6″ H x 37.6″ W x 63.63″ L
Resistance capacity280lbs


You won’t need a gym membership when you have the following features on this one- 

Full body workout 

When you have got the Weider XRS 50 at your home you can get a total body workout with ease. The whole machine lets your body engage completely and helps you grow muscles. 

Weight stack and resistance

With the weight stack, you will know your progress. This is a great advantage for bulking up at home. And then there are the resistance bands for some extra push. 

Quality builds You can see how well built this unit is from the get-go. In terms of looks, it’s very premium. As for the materials they are of very high quality. The weights are made of vinyl. And comes with a 4-roll leg developer.


This one can be a bit heavy and takes up a lot of space in your home. Also, it lacks comfort in sitting. There aren’t many adjustment settings to go through. 

Premium Weider Home Gym(If you have a Budget)

Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage

Photo of a man Exercising in Weider Pro 8500
ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage

Don’t want different machines for all the workouts? Well, get a complete gym on this one. It comes with all kinds of exercise possibilities. You can do everything you could have done at a gym. And the heavy-duty construction just adds up to the qualities of this machine.

Product Specification

Max. Weight capacity300lbs
Dimensions84.66 H x 10.43 W x 30.32 L
Exercising capacity60+


When you have this, you won’t need anything else. Why? Check out the features you will know. 

A complete gym

This one machine contains all the things you can have in a gym. It is a complete gym with endless possibilities for doing a lot of exercises. When you have this one you won’t miss any muscles to hit. 

Heavy-duty construction 

You can just tell this is built strongly when you look at it. It comes with a high-grade steel frame that won’t be bending or breaking anytime soon. It can take up to 300 pounds of weight. 


The stability of this machine is insane. It doesn’t move around even if you are doing some extreme movements. And with all that you get to have some adjustments on this one. 


For the drawbacks, I would say it’s a little bit overpriced. Also, keeping the price in mind they miss out on the weights. And it might be too big for your home. 

Best Weider Home Gym within Budget

X factor by Weider gym

Pic of a man and women in front of X factor Weider Home Gym

Looking for an affordable and space-saving solution? Well, this is it. You can do many kinds of workouts and push yourself to your limits with this one. For space? You just need the back of a door and that’s it. Attach it to the door and you have got your equipment ready. This is not actually a multifunctional machine but I included it in this Weider home gym review because it’s one of the best equipment for the home within a budget that anyone can buy.

Product specifications

Dimensions22H x 7W x 11L
Exercising capacity50+
Resistance capacity210lbs


Don’t have enough space in your place? That doesn’t stop this one at all. Let’s check out the features. 

Saves up space

Do you have a door at your home? Well, that’s enough to get this setup. You can just attach this to any door at your house even on the door of your room. No hassle and trouble of setting this up either. 

Worth your money

Aside from saving up space, it can help you save up money as well. You can get this gym equipment for under $70. And what about the exercises? Well, you get to do 50 different exercises on this single piece of equipment. Now, that’s a deal I wouldn’t miss. 

Great for beginners 

To build up some muscles and get stronger, there is nothing better than this. The ease of usage and affordability just makes this the ultimate beginner equipment. And the whole thing is durable enough to last for a long time. 


The most obvious drawback of this one is that it’s not great for advanced workouts. And if you have a weak door then this can be a bit risky to use.  

More Multi-Functional Weider Home Gym you might like

These four Gym machine is not stand-alone home gym but it’s multi-functional so you can do multiple exercises in your home. These machines will work better if you combine them with other machines.

Best Weider Power Tower

1. Weider Power Tower

Photo of red Weider Power Tower

If your needs are limited to bodyweight exercises, then this is a piece of great equipment. When dips, pull-ups, and chin-ups are your thing then this is just the thing for you.

Product Specifications

Max. Weight capacity300lbs
Dimensions84H x 31W x 57L
Exercising capacity15+


Looking for something simple to use? Well, check this one out.

Great for bodyweight exercises

If you are a beginner you would want to start with some bodyweight exercises. And if you are an intermediate you would love this one for better progress. Whether it’s dips or knee raises you can do a theme on this one with ease. 


Ever had trouble with the machine while going for dips? Well, with this one you won’t have any. The machine is perfectly stable and gives you great stability. The weight capacity is 300lbs so you won’t probably have to worry too much. 

Very easy to assemble

Unlike some other home gym machines, this is very easy to assemble. There are no complicated parts on this one. You just set this up in one place and start working out without any worries.


I don’t think you can call it a drawback. However, it does lack the potential of variation in the exercises. You can’t get a full-body workout with this thing alone. As a result, you will need some other equipment to complete the workout sessions. 

2. Weider 200 Power Tower

Photo home a Man exercising on Weider 200 Power Tower

The comfort, durability, and versatility of your bodyweight exercise all come together in this one. These are great for strength training. And as a beginner, you would love to build up to your optimal strength before you move onto the weights. But if you are looking to maintain a lean muscular body then this is all you will ever need.

Product Specifications

Max. Weight capacity300lbs
Dimensions84H x 41W x 57L
Exercising capacity15+


Don’t like to use weights but want to gain some strength? Then this is what you need. 

Various workout stations 

Whether it’s dips or pull-ups or knee raises you can get all of it done on this one. And you won’t even need any kinds of weight either. Just put on your workout clothes and get started with some bodyweight exercises. 

Top-notch build quality 

No need to worry about durability and finishing on this one. It comes with a premium steel tone finish with a durable steel frame. So, it’s going to last for a long time that’s for sure. 

Comfortable padding 

Do your forearms and back hurt after some bodyweight exercises? They won’t hurt on this one. It comes with comfortable padding for arms that make sure you are not getting hurt while working out. 


One drawback of this equipment is the lack of possible exercises. Even though they don’t promise any. But you would still need to get some exercises done on another machine or equipment. 

Best Multi-Functional Weider Bence Press

1. Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

Photo of black Weider XRS 20

Love to have some pectoral muscles? Or want to work on those calves? Well, you can do both on this one. The bench is super comfortable that doesn’t cause any strain on your spine. You can build up muscles in the crucial areas of your body such as the chest, abs, legs, and arms.

Product Specifications

Max. Weight capacity300lbs
Dimensions65″H x 49.5″W x 73″L
Exercising capacity5 position workout station


Looking to build some strength? Then try this one out-

5-different positions for multiple uses

Whether you want to do some bench presses or some leg raises you can do them all. It gives you complete control over such a workout. And there is a stand for keeping your barbell stored. 

Adjustable parts 

This one comes with a lot of adjustable parts so you can get the best out of it. The adjustable uprights will help you get some preacher’s curls and bicep curls did on this machine. While with a little bit of adjustment you can move towards bench presses or leg extensions. 

Good quality bench It’s a great quality bench for exercising at home. It has got solid construction and high-quality parts. This is sure to last for a longer period without any worries at all.


You don’t get to do a full-body workout on this one. Also, the weights aren’t included in the package you will have to get them separately.

2. Weider Pro 265 Weight Bench

Photo of a women exercising in Weider Pro 265 Bench Press

Do you hate those bulky setups you see at a gym? Well, then this is the perfect thing you can have at your home gym. It’s a very simple setup to work on your bench presses, leg raises, ab workout, etc. And this one comes with a weight set as well.

Product Specifications

Max. Weight capacity410lbs
Dimensions49.61H x 16.93W x 9.45L
Exercising capacityMultiple positions


Are you in need of a simple setup? Why don’t you check this one out?

Multiple exercising options 

Need to hit the leg muscles? Or do you want to get some chest workouts done? You can do both on this. It lets you do chest presses; leg raises and bicep curls all in one machine. And these aren’t the only possibilities. 


The quality of this one is of the highest grade. From the first impression, you can tell it comes with high-quality materials inside and out. The durability is very well on this. 

Comes with weights 

The best part of this bench set is the included weight set you get. So, you won’t need to get anything extra to start working out on this one. 


This doesn’t come with a lot of variety in exercises. You can only do some workouts that are enough for strength training and muscle gain. Getting the best progress is a bit difficult in such cases. 

Alternatives to Weider Home Gym

Still not convinced after reading this Weider Home Gym Review? Well, then you can try out some alternatives to Weider home gyms. Maybe Weider is just not the thing for you. In that case here are some alternatives to look for-

  • Bowflex home gym: Bowflex has a wide range of options for home gyms. They also come with quality and versatility. However, they are a bit high priced than Weider home gyms while the quality is pretty similar.
  • Total gym: Total gym is a popular choice when it comes to home gym equipment. They have machines that are versatile and ergonomic. They are also great for strength training.
  • Vigorfit: Another great alternative for Weider home gym has to be Vigorfit. They also have similar kinds of products and come with a lifetime warranty. All of this makes it a worthy alternate for Weider’s home gym.

Final words

To sum up, I mostly took you through a complete Weider home gym review. The goal is to help you make a buying decision based on your needs. From all the information I provided you here, you can easily tell which one would suit your needs the best. And if you are worried about the quality then you don’t need to. Because Weider is already a renowned name in home gym equipment. So, you can rest assured of that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for reading my whole Weider Home Gym Review as a bonus Here are some common questions people ask about Weider home gym that you might be thinking-

Is Weider’s home gym worth buying?

Yes. Almost all the Weider home gym equipment comes in high quality. So, they are worth buying. 

Are Weider home gym machines expensive?

In most cases they are expensive. However, you can find some models that aren’t expensive. But they also lack some workout possibilities. 

What’s the best Weider home gym equipment?

This answer varies from person to person. Typically for a complete gym experience, you can get the Weider pro 8500 smith weight cage. It has got a complete gym in single equipment. It’s suitable for all gym activities. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advance you can get used to it at all stages. 

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