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How to Clean Gym Mats at Home

Staying fit is a commitment. If you are looking for “How to clean gym mats at home”. You have come a long way. Installing a gym mat is a hard task. Cleaning the gym mat can be tiring. But cleaning the mat properly is very important. To get rid of the dirt and the bacteria.

Visible dirt may bother you. Invisible germs will bother your health. You don’t want your gym mat to make you unhealthy. Cleaning gym mats can be difficult but motivational. Gym mats will last longer when you clean them properly. So, cleaning your gym mats is budget-friendly too. 

Let’s go through, why should you clean your gym mat?  And how to make it easy for you. 

Some of you may ask, Why can’t I use the traditional mop. I have tried to do that. The traditional mod will leave some extra water on the floor. This water can cause smelliness and bacteria. These bacterias can start many problems.

Different types of gym mats need different types of cleaning. 

In this article, we will know how to clean them all? Firstly, know the material of your gym mat. Your gym mat can be made of rubber, foam, vinyl, and turf. Carpets are also used as gym mats.

Cleaning your Rubber Gym Mats

Photo of a Black Rubber Gym Mats

Step 1:  Take a rug or shop-Vac or a regular vacuum. Clean the dirt from the surface. It will make the cleaning process easier. 

Step 2: Take some sore brought cleaner. Dilute them with water. It will do two things. Firstly, tone down the chemical each use. Secondly, you can use each bottle longer. If you want to make an organic homemade cleaner. You can add one wight vinegar to hot water. To add some refreshing smell add lemon juice.

Step 3 -Buy a spray bottle. Add water and cleaner half and half.  Spray this liquid on the floor.

Step 4 –   Grab a foam mop. Mop the flood with it.

Step 5 – let it dry. 

Note: Make sure you clean each stall mat individually. It will make the gym cleaner.It will give a better result. Untextured rubber sometimes can be slippery when wet.    

How to make the organic homemade cleaner for Clean Gym Mats at Home

How to make the organic homemade cleaner:

  • Hot Water -1 gallon
  • White Vinegar – 1 cup 
  • Lemon Juice   – 1 cup

Things you need to be careful about before you clean your Rubber Gym Mats at home

There are many advantages to a rubber gym mat. You won’t slip on it. It’s easy to clean. It’s easy to disinfect. It lasts longer. It has a firm texture. It’s easy to work out on a rubber gym mat. When you are cleaning the rubber floor. You need to follow some rules: Boiling hot water can change the shape of the rubber. Too cold water can also change the texture of the rubber. Make sure the temperature is not too hot or too cold.

Cleaning your Foam gym mats at home

Photo of a grey Foam mats at home

Step 1 – Get a vacuum or a broom, to get rid of the extra dirt. Do not use wet substances without removing the dry dirt. It may cause you some extra scrubbing. 

Step 2 –  Take your cleaner. Take a bucket half-full of lukewarm water. Pour your 3 or 4 cups of cleaner.  You can use mild soap too. Mix it with the water. 

Step 3 –  Dip your mop in the solution. Make sure it’s not too wet. Clean the floor one tile at a time with the mop. If the mop is too wet the cleaning solution will drip down to the floor under the foam mat. If that happens the solution will be trapped there. (you can use a towel instead of a mop).

Step 4 – let the floor dry properly. If it doesn’t dry bacteria may grow on the floor.

How to remove stains from foam mats at home?

To remove stains from foam mats use a towel. Soak the towel in soapy water and scrub the place. Sweep it with a dry towel. let it dry. 

Things you need to be careful about before your clean your foam gym mats at home

Foam gym mats have many advantages. It’s easy to install. It’s flexible. It is long-lasting. Perfect for using in the home gym. Make sure it’s thick enough. So, it protects the floor under the gym mat. Letting the foam mat dry after cleaning is really important. To avoid bad odor, bacteria, and early damage. It is easy to clean but needs some attention. Harsh chemicals will damage the foam mats. Do not clean the mats in a washing machine. It needs to be cleaned regularly. Keeping it dirty for a long time may cause permanent damage.

Cleaning your turf Gym mats at home

Photo of a Green Gym Mats Cleaning at Home

Step 1 – Take a spray bottle. spray water on the surface. 

Step 2 – Take soap and a bucket of water. Rub the turf with soap and water. 

Step 3 – Wash off the soapy foam with clean water. Let it dry in an airy place. You can also let it sweep it with a dry cloth. 

Step 4 – Apply disinfectant. You need to give it some time to dry it in the air.

How to remove stains from Turf Gym Mats at home?

To get rid of any strain, mix 3% ammonia with 3 cups of water. Use a sponge to sweep the place.

Things you need to know about Cleaning Turf Gym Mats

You have a turf mat in your personal gym place. So, you already know the advantages of it. It has an outdoor feel but in your gym. Turf mats need care. It needs to be cleaned regularly. To avoid bacteria, clean it regularly. You can clean it daily. You can also schedule your cleaning day. One thing is for sure you need to give more care to turf mats.


Cleaning can be tiring. Once you look at your clean gym mat you will feel motivated. A clean gym may boost your energy. Using a lot of cleaning products may leave an odor in the gym. You can use odorless cleaning products. But having a sweet scent in the gym can be pleasant too. There are many cleaning products on Amazon which are odorless or with a sweet odor. You can always go with your preference but if you’re looking for flooring to buy for your home gym, check out our top 13 picks review of the Best Flooring for Gym in Garage.

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