Best Home Gym Under 500

Best Home Gym Under $500 in 2022

Did you notice how popular home gyms have become? Home gyms are still on the rise as more people take up the challenge of maintaining and coercing their health towards a new fitness journey.

However, the thought of how much all this gym equipment could cost is terrifying enough. But here’s the best news for you: We have hand-picked some renowned brands and gym equipment that shouldn’t cost you more than $500!

Let’s get real; we shouldn’t have to use dumbbells with someone else’s sweat smeared all over it. Neither should we have to pay a couple of thousands of bucks every month to stay in shape. Ugh!

To be honest, it was tough for us to be the judge of gathering all the necessities for making the best home gym under 500. Fortunately, we did good!

Skim through our selection to get ripped right at home.

Best All in One Home Gym Equipment

Safe to say, before these all-body workout pieces of equipment, a full home gym within a budget of $500 would’ve been impossible. Thanks to some all-rounder additions such as these on Amazon, now you can both shop and exercise staying right at home.

Total Gym APEX G3 Versatile Indoor Home Workout

Total Gym APEX G3

We’re here to cut costs for you. Thus, don’t be taken aback when you see that we’re suggesting you the Apex G3 instead of the G5. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t have taken such a dire step if the G3 wasn’t up to the home users’ mark. With no compromising in quality, frame, and structure, the G3 remains the most potent gym equipment for home gyms.

Here’s why.


The G3 generously borrows a few meticulously picked features from the G5 and G1. So, you get the best of those worlds too. A few such features are the nylon handles, padded glide board, dip bars, wing attachments, and squat stand.

Spend around 15-20 minutes on a typical 3-4 days a week to see effective muscle-building results. You don’t need to be stuck to this ergonomic glide board (although you might want to) to sculpt and shape your body or drop those chunks. Follow a regular squat; dip and leg pull routine to get the full effect.

An important reason why this total body workout machine is a must is because of its compact and jam-packed 70 exercise offers. Along with its foldable unit, handles, and maneuvers, you can perform a total of 70 different exercises with eight resistance levels and plenty of progression options.

When compared to the G5 edition, G3 is more affordableThe maximum weight limit is 300lbs
Even more versatile and advanced than G1
Has 8 levels of resistance
The maximum weight limit is 300lbs

Weider XRS 50 Home Gym

Weider XRS 50 Home Gym

Here’s standard ‘do-it-all’ multi-gym equipment for you. You can easily replicate multiple exercise forms with the help of this single combination station. Let’s see if this product will sit well with you, shall we?


Firstly, let’s talk about why this multi-gym station won’t take up half the space of your room. The compact 38″ x 64″ size will let you use it and forget it later on. This entire lot includes padded leg developers with flye, chest press, and lower pulley station. I know – all that within such a compact size. Unbelievable!

The pulley station can significantly change your triceps and lower back game if you’re exceptionally struggling to build muscles there. Other than that, it also has 280lbs resistance and a 112lbs weight stack. Believe it or not, a combination of these can serve both intermediate and beginner users tremendously.

Compact sizeNot appropriate for taller people as they will face difficulty with the leg developer
Various workout scopesCan easily lose parts
Pulley has 280lbs resistance
Maximum weight capacity 300lbs

Best Portable All in One for Home Gym

Here are two alternate options that can be distinctly used for squats but can also be generalized for more. Besides, if you still think squats aren’t necessary, let’s pop your bubble. You can multi-use these portable racks for almost all exercises that you could name, so use them entirely and wisely.

BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

A full-body gym is only as viable as the name itself if it can do everything that an over-expensive gym would deliver. Quite the contrary, within your limited budget, if you can get that authentic feel and results, why shouldn’t you go for it, right?


Under $1000 stimulation that’s only possible in the gym, you get to take full merit of this BodyBoss model portable gym kit and inject muscles or shoo away body chunks if you’re consistent.

You can carry out proper lower and upper body training along with dumbbells, squats, cardio resistant boxing, and even target and focus workouts in your problem areas. What a baller, isn’t it?

Why is it high in functionality? Good question.

The entire product is so compact and lightweight that you can finally work it out anywhere now. Yay! This means higher versatility and reimbursing the full value of this deal.

But it doesn’t stop here. If you’re committed and coherent with your everyday routine, the resistance bands, fold-up platforms, collapsible bars, and ankle/wrist straps can mesh well to let you perform over 300 exercises. Yes, you read that right!

With a seamless combination of rigorous and easy 300+ workouts, it’s inevitable for you to be anything but oh-so-fit!

Delivers too many versatile exercising optionsThe bar can take up a limited weight
Portable and quick to assembleSome users needed extra bands
Comes with varying resistant bands
Easy and comfortable to use bars, platform, and straps

Fusion Motion Portable Gym with 8 Accessories

Fusion Motion Portable Gym with 8 Accessories

Here’s another full-body heavy-resistant workout equipment for you. Just in case you’re like me and like to be presented with options to choose the best. Stick with us to know why this fat burner could be your endgame.


Who would’ve thought that you could build your gym at home for under $130? Not me, until I met this God-sent equipment.

In terms of the technical parts, you get to extensively focus on your upper and lower body to gain or burn with the help of pushups, resistant bands, static or dynamic handlebars, triceps bars, and abs rollers.

Phew, it sounds like you’re going all-in for your hardcore sesh!

Due to its polyethylene and heavy tank build, regular and light loads will no longer remain the same. Every movement and workout will turn out to be intensely satisfying.

The best part? You can easily adjust to this product, no matter your expertise level. Beginner and advanced users worldwide have benefited tremendously from its detailed guidebook, which instructs over 200+ exercises.

So, you can escort out any thoughts of spending extra on trainers. Guide and train yourself with the Fusion Motion because you do you!

Plenty of range of motionsThe red pucks do not lock the straps in place
The instruction has over 200 exercise guidesFew have complained about the elastics breaking due to poor tension
Perfect if you’re into hardcore workouts
Easy to assemble and use
High versatility with multiple warm-ups and hardcore training options

Best All In One Cable Machine for Home

With cable machines, people often ask if it’s enough for attaining sufficient physical activity. Well, here’s our truth. Exercise cable machines can enhance your safety during training at home. Thus, you don’t only get the exercising bit with these but, other physical exertions too.

Merax Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine

Merax LAT Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine for Home Gym Fitness Training

If you have further confusion about effective home gyms, let us clarify. Not only are home gyms safe but, with possessions such as pull-down machines, you can begin your muscle-building adventure at a cheaper cost and safer environment, with quicker results.


Mainly used for pull-downs and low rows, this fitness machine has a heavy steel construction with sturdy, reliable support and a frame that’s specifically designed to deliver bodybuilders who want to hit the gym for their upper body.

You can perform numerous actions, including cable curls, triceps and lat pushdowns, seated and upright rows, and other extreme tenuous moves. You know you’re going to have a blast with the 38.2″ wide grip that will precisely let you operate the heaviest loads.

The adjustable anchor legs, foam rollers, and cushioned seats can accompany you to comfortable lat pull-down training. Ready to build muscles in your back, arms, and shoulders? We bet!

Long-lasting cable wires which can withstand extensive tensionNone (You won’t regret it after buying it. Trust me!)
Easy to assemble at home
Poses versatility for back, arm, and leg exercises
Has optimized weight limits

SERTT Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System

SERTT Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System


Let’s face it – we can’t afford a full-fledged gym in our house. Our next best available option is to gather the nitty-gritty and some of the comprehensive equipment to deliver users with essential bodyweight drop or gain and to build muscles. Honestly, if you have the right kits, you will succeed in building muscles right at home!


The SERTT equipment mix is efficient for building muscles and burning junk with a side bonus of optimized coordination, objective muscle exercise, and stamina boost.

With three diverse handles and two exercising modes, you can target your back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps by performing lifts and pull-downs. Moreover, these are remarkably easy to use and can enhance versatility in terms of training.

Supreme quality and sturdy buildSome say that the cables are too long
Cheaper alternative for lat machines
You get many accessories compared to the price
Rigid frame with additional resistance
Easy to follow instructions

Best Adjustable Dumbbells for home Gym

Ever wondered why other than the nonexclusive mats, jump ropes, pull-up bars, and workout benches, why dumbbells are another critical and must-have exercise equipment that you necessitate for your home gym?

Keep reading to know the secret.

wolfyok Fitness Dumbbells Set

wolfyok Fitness Dumbbells Set

Here’s our first unisex pick, for men and women who are passionate about serious weight lifting and are frustrated with flimsy weights.


These adjustable dumbbells have customizable weights starting from 12.8 to 66lbs. For advanced leg training, you might want to switch things up with its multi-purpose design and functionality.

Seriously, how cute are the octagon shapes? Believe it or not, but these shapes aren’t just implemented for a hefty look, but it’s intricately done to avoid aimless rolling and easier storage.

The polyethylene and cement construction can boost your fat-burning mission and progress your cardio exercises with a blend of strengthening your triceps, biceps, knees, legs, abs, buttocks, and glutes.

Intriguing how such tiny instruments can deliver so much.

Very compactMight want to purchase additional gloves to avoid contact on the rough surface
Easy to assemble and use at home
Can change weights with ease

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Version 2

Is it just me, or is the black and red color combo real growing in? Whatever the reason for these dumbbells’ true beauty may be, these are highly functional for all users. Yes, we mean beginners and professionals.

Here’s the secret.


These Bowflex dumbbells can be adjusted between 5 up to 52.5lbs. I know – wow!

These increases are not miniature, especially when adjusted with 2.5lbs for the first 25lbs. Let me ask you this – are you one to switch rapidly between varied exercises?

If you’re one of those builders who love a ‘no-break, no-nonsense’ action, these will serve you enormously. You can combine around 15 weights with its unique dialing system.

Moreover, its compact size and the elimination of multiple dumbbells will surely save you a ton of space.

  Even weight distributionSome users have complained about the dumbbells breaking after a few month’s use
A unique shape that restricts gliding
Easy to store
Doesn’t require additional weights

Best Power Racks for Home

Admittedly, cage machines are oversized beasts. But, the results and changes that it can bring to your body are unparalleled.

Marcy Pro Deluxe Cage System with Weightlifting

An authentic bodybuilder will never overlook the benefits of a cage fitness machine. There’s so much that it has been engineered to accomplish. But, let’s see if it’s fluff or the real deal.


Made to deliver top-notch performance, this entire structure is built upon heavy-duty construction with perfectly contoured roller pads and weight trolleys.

With the properties of an all-in-one machine, it’s engineered with high adjustability and multiplied bench utility options. So, forget about fragile, uncomfortable pulley stations and benches.

Here’s your perfect getaway.

With this sturdy and robust build frame, you can achieve chest compressive exercises, squats, leg curls, bench press, and pull-ups. Needless to say, you can perform any other hardcore exercise dedicated to sculpting your body into a Goddess!

Extremely sturdy builtThe weight sleeves positioning is a bit off
Can perform versatile exercisesThe bench press can’t be adjusted
Instructions are pretty handy
Very easy to install

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

Purchase this for a lifetime supply of good health and fitness. Want to know why? Keep reading!


Let’s begin by saying that you get four styling options with this purchase. Merge and match your ideal equipment for fitter preference.

Most importantly, you can do so by addressing the specific exercises you’d like to advocate on this machine, such as decline bench press, pull-ups, chin-ups, shrugs, or squats. Interesting, isn’t it?

You also get a capacity of 270lbs for the weight plates and a high tensile cable with rugged nylon coating. So, you can check off sturdy, robust, efficient, and multi-usability on your list.

800lbs weight capacityInstructions aren’t clear enough thus, not easy to put together
Made with heavy-duty and durable materialsEven with the high weight capacity, some say that it tips over
Height levels have 19 adjustments
Can perform over 8 exercises
Frame and construction are very stable

Our Editor’s Choice for Best Home Gym in 2021

Ready for the big reveal? We’re as excited as you! This is slightly expensive than you thought but if you invest in for your home gym, trust me, You won’t regret it for a moment!

Bowflex Home Gym Series

Oh, the Gym Series by Bowflex! The more we say about this all-rounder, the less it would be. But, let’s skip the theatrics and get down to business!


This Bowflex master edition has five styles with differing price tags so, you can have your go at it without feeling ripped out of all your savings. But, all of these styles would’ve been worthless if not for their high potential in delivering the very best.

With a promise to train users with over 60 exercises, you also get upgrades of 310lbs to 410lbs and 210lbs resistance power rods. Honestly, over 60 full-body workouts? I mean.. could it get any better?

Furthermore, you get a personal trainer touch on this with the seven trainer-built exercising regimens entirely free.

If you would like to try out something new, be opportunistic, as the leg press and aerobic rowing ability on this can finally let you explore out of the ordinary.

Other than that, this full-body equipment permits various cable positions, squat and lat bar, and triple functionality in ankle cuffs and hand grips. Of course, the wheels and folding bench would’ve been rendered useless if it couldn’t comply with easy storage, right?

Worry not, as these are designed just for that!

Can be used for training for both beginners and advanced usersProne to rust spots
Comes with an impressive stock
The power rod is expandable
Even with the heavy daunting look, it’s easy to install


We’re confident you realize that visiting the gym isn’t an absolute must to shape shift into your dream body. Luckily, we were equally defeated with the increased expense and grappled with visiting the gym every week.

Building a home gym item by item will take time. However, no amount of time would be long-drawn if you can bag it all under $500, right!? Ensure you grab a mix of all the diverse equipment that we suggested to get the full effect and quicker results.

News flash! It’s finally time to toss that membership card into the dumpster. Yay!

Additional Question that you might ask

1. Why should you have a squat rack for your home gym?

You need to own a squat rack to get plump, perfectly round buttocks and strengthening your core and leg muscles. Moreover, a squat rack is ideal for both professional and home gym settings and will not break the bank. Squat racks are exceptional as you obtain the most value out of while being safe.

2. Why I prefer PowerBlocks over BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells?

One of the main reasons is that PowerBlock dumbbells, unlike the conventional design, has a blocked shape. The weights on these dumbbells can be quickly adjusted and easily switched.

3. Why the Rep Fitness AB-3100?

It’s an adjustable bench at an affordable price. The combination of 1000 ratings, reasonable price, and features are unbeatable. It’s a lot more versatile with plenty of adjustability alternatives too.

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