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Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym(Top 12 for 2022)

Fitness is the prerequisite condition to living a long healthy life. While you are talking about fitness, then you have to go to the gym. But, in your busy schedule, it’s quite tough to manage some extra time for this. In that case, a home gym can be the easiest alternative. 

We hope you have already decorated your home gym. Now it’s time to buy the best bumper plates for your home gym to start your workout.

Nothing to worry about; this article describes the 12 best bumper plates to assist you in your body shaping and fitness journey. After a few months of market research, we have selected those bumper plates. So without any more extra words, let’s know about them in detail with the pros and cons

Best Overall Plates for Home Gym

1. Olympic Bumper Plate

Our first pick is the Olympic Bumper Plate to guarantee you 100% satisfaction in your workout sessions. They offer you single plates (10,15, 25, 35, and 45lbs) and pair plates (10,15,25, and 35lbs). So you can choose any plates according to your needs and strength level. The plates have 2” steel rings to insert into your Olympic bars.

These plates ensure your high performance on the wood floor. The low bounce rate makes them highly durable so that you can use them for a more extended period. The quality rubbers give you an excellent grip while lifting them to increase your strength.

Excellent dense bumper plateInitially, get a strong rubber smell.
Nice bouncing
Easy to get off the floor
easy to store
A rubber seal helps smooth gripping.

2. Everyday Essential Olympic Bumper

Are you a color fan and like to see different shades of color everywhere around you, even though the gym? Then we keep the Everyday Essential Color Coded Olympic Bumper for your home gym. These bumpers are given different colors for easy identification and are made from dense rubber to prevent your gym floor from getting damaged. 

This company provides 10,15,25,35,45, and 55 lbs bumper plates, so you get various options to pick your exact plates. You can use the plates by inserting an Olympic bar or for freehand exercise. The most positive note is there every plate’s weight is labeled as both kilogram and pounds. As a result, you don’t face any confusion while choosing them in a hurry.

Super sturdy and durablePackaging needs improvement
The grip, material, and overall design are pretty accurate.
Fast delivery
It fits in your wallet.
Multiple functionalities

Best Bumper Plate for a home within Budget

1. CAP Barbell Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate

If you are looking for a highly efficient bumper plate to add enough quality to your home gym, then the CAP Barbell Bumper plate is the right choice for you. The plates are made of super smooth rubber and heavy-duty steel, so they serve you a long time without wear and tear. 

You can choose 10, 25, 35, and 45 lbs plates from these CAP barbell rubber plates. These plates ensure accurate weight to load and unload them to your Olympic bars quickly. The steel inner hub design provides resistance drops and heavy deadlifts.

Durable and trustworthyShipment should be faster.
Overall solid performance
Accurate weight and sized
High quality and worth your money

2. Papa Babe Bumper Plates

Our next pick for your home gym is the Papababe Bumper Plates because of its high-quality density rubber and stainless steel ring. The plates have 5 types of weight increments 10lbs to 45lbs.  You can easily insert these plates by their 2 inches or 50.4 mm ring to your Olympic barbell. 

They are versatile in use means you can use them to push up, overhead lunge, snatch, deadlift, press thruster, and squat. Their accurate diameter offers the highest performance no matter if you have a tight space at your workout place.

Perfect dimensions for Olympic liftingSlightly pricey
Correct weight
Excellent bumper plates
2 years warranty

3. Body-Solid Chicago Extreme Bumper

If you are looking for bumper plates for both commercial and personal gym, then this Body-Solid Chicago Extreme Bumper will be the perfect one to serve your purpose. You can choose this plate for the garage gym, home gym, school weight room, or studio.

On top, the durable, reliable, and superior finishing plates give you the utmost comfort while lifting them with your bar. Even, though they are fragile in width, that’s why you can add extra plates to your Olympic bar to add some extra weight. They are made from rubber, so ensure your and your gym floor’s safety.

Solid buildCustomer care should be more friendly.
Thin plate but an accurate weight
Excellent classic black color
One year warranty

Runner Ups for Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym in our list

1. XMark Hi-Impact Bumper Plates

The XMark Bumper Plates are quite suitable for making a deadlift, shoulder press, bench press, and lunges. So if your target is to do all of those workouts at your home gym with the bumper plates, choose the XMark bumper plates. 

The XMark produces different diameter plates for various purposes. They make 10lbs to 45lbs plates with a 2 inches ring for inserting them into the Olympic bar. The high-quality rubber makes the plates durable, stable, and sturdy. Even, a 3 years warranty keeps you tension-free for this time.

Shallow bounceSometimes it gets harder to grip.
Solid construction
Great quality
Right diameter
Rapid customer support

2. AMGYM Bumper plates

You can use these AMGYM Bumper plates confidently and safely for your strength training, HIIT training, squats, and deadlifts because of their virgin rubber and minimum bounce. They are designed to maintain a balance between quality, safety, and perfection. 

No matter which Olympic barbell you will use for lifting the plates, they will fit every barbell. They don’t do any harm to your gym floor because of their frequent droppings.

Easy slide to the barBad Smell
Exact weight
Perfect packaging
Super fast delivery

3. Ethos Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate

Ethos is another famous brand in the sports and equipment industry and produces 45lbs bumper plates to make you stronger by lifting weight. It uses recycled rubber and stainless steel to make the bumper plate’s round-shaped body and ring. 

As a result, they are very durable and have less bounce rate and noise than traditional plates. The vulcanized rubber allows you to lift and drop the plates on your floor without doing any damage to the floor.

Single soldA little bit expensive
Minimum bounce
Wide ring for easy on and off to the bar

Best Alternatives Bumper Plates that you can choose

1. Diamond pro Bumper Plate

These Diamond pro bumper plates are the right combination of touch and then go work. The plates are made from thick rubber so that you can easily use them on your concrete floor. Even these are designed for the home gym. 

When you drop them from the waist level, they don’t get bounced, and ensure your total safety while lifting them. The 10,15,25,35, and 45lbs weighted bumper plates have 3% weight tolerance which is extremely beneficial for working out.

Great as technical platesSmell atrocious
Not greasy
Good packaging
Fast delivery

2. Fringe Sport Bumper Plate

When you are preparing for any competition, your priority is to get the most highly durable, stable, and accurate bumper plates. The Fringe Bumper Plate will satisfy you in this case because it is made from virgin rubber. Moreover, they are coated with zinc steel as pure rubber isn’t recyclable so you will get the best rubber-made plates.

The IWF testifies their weight, height, and diameter accuracy and certified them so you can rely on their performance. The 7.75 insert ring has enough space to on and off them your barbell to practice weightlifting.

Extremely durableWe find no cons
Dead bounce
1-year warranty
Inner and outer flanges for a more comfortable grip

Our Editor’s Choice for Best Bumper Plate for Home Gym in 2021

HulkFit Bumper Plate

If you are looking for any bumper plate for deadlifts or snatches and army combat fitness tests, this HulkFit Bumper Plate will serve your purpose. These (10, 15, 25, 35, and 45 lbs) bumper plates are constructed from thick and dense rubber for securing your lifting platform while you are lifting them in workout sessions.

Their 2” inner ring is made from stainless steel, so you can smoothly load and unload them in your barbell or dumbbell. The plates are multiple color-coded, so you can quickly identify their weight while choosing them to insert into the barbell.

Secure rubber bumperSlightly wide to insert 4 plates to the barbell at a time
Decent bounce rate
Timely shipping
2 years warranty

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym

You are looking at the best bumper plates for home gym to give a good shape to your body by reducing your abdomen fat, increasing your strength, and overall holding your body fitness, don’t you? So you must not consider the quality of the plate. Here, we have kept some must-have features that you should keep in mind while choosing a single or pair of bumper plates. 

Material for durability

Always give priority to the bumper plate’s material. The high-quality material will make the plates durable so they will last a long time. Rubber and stainless steel are the most common materials which make the plates durable, stable, and sturdy. In this case, our selected bumpers are made from these materials so that you can check them.

Bounce rate

It is another thing you should focus on since you will use them for your home gym that you must drop them frequently while lifting them. If these plates’ bounce rate exceeds the minimum bounce rate, there will be a high chance of getting injured or damaged on your gym floor. So don’t forget the bounce rate.


There you will find a minimum of four sized and weighted bumper plates. So you have to choose which size and weight bumper plates will be perfect for you or what you can lift comfortably.

Ring width

When you want to insert multiple plates to your bar to lift the maximum amount of weight, there comes the ring’s width size of the plates. If the plate’s ring wide doesn’t fit your Olympic barbell, it won’t be easy to insert them into the barbell. Even if they will loosen, there will be a high chance of an accident. So focus on it.


You know there are various kinds of workouts you can do with your bumper plates. Some of the activities are HIIT training, deadlifts, snatches, shoulder press, bench press, weight lifting, etc. Before choosing one set of bumper plates, figure out your needs.

Budget fixing

Price is another considerable thing to buying any bumper plates. Depending on size, weight, material, and brand, you will find a different price range for the bumper plates. Don’t get confused and overwhelmed by noticing various ranges of Prices. Before placing your online order, check the Price of the bumper plates.

Final words

We hope that we can help you choose the best bumper plates for your home gym through this entire discussion. We have also provided you with the most effective buying guide to pick up the right one from the market crowd according to your needs and budget. 

However, if you are still confused, make a checklist by mentioning your needs and matching the criteria with our selected bumper plates. Since we have kept all types of bumper plates, so you don’t have to face any trouble finding your perfect one. 

Let us know which bumper plates can attract you by their all-around features and benefits.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide you with some extra bumper plates related information

Why Use Bumper Plates?

The bumper plates are designed to ensure safety while lifting and dropping the plates loaded on Olympic bars. So you can use the bumper plates to carry a significant amount of load at a stretch to be prepared for an athletic competition or your body fitness.

Is it alright to mix bumper plates with regular plates?

When you are just building a home gym, you don’t need to buy separate plates to lift the weight. It’s totally appreciated to mix the bumper plates and iron or regular plates. The mixture of both plates doesn’t damage the plates themselves and the barbell.

How many years bumper plates last?

Most bumper plate-producing companies offer you a minimum of one year of warranty for the plate’s width, diameter, and collar opening.

Should I buy kg or lbs plates?

It depends on your living country. If you live in the USA, you have to buy kg plates because in that country the metric system is counted. If you live outside the USA, you have to go with lbs.

Are the bumper plates worth their investment?

Absolutely, yes, good design bumper plates are worth your investment. If you choose your bumper plates for CrossFit, Olympic types weight lifting, or frequent and significant movement, then a set of solid build bumper plates will be the right choice.

How much should I spend on bumper plates?

Basically, the Price of bumper plates depends on weight, width, color combination, and material. If you buy any bumper plates, you have to spend per pound cost. Lighter plates are significantly more expensive than heavier ones, colour plates are more expensive than black plates. The per-pound average Price will be 1.83 dollars to 2.14 dollars. However, if you want to have the best bumper plates for a home gym that last longer, you have to spend more on quality products.

Can I drop my bumper plates on concrete?

Yes, the bumper plates don’t damage your concrete floor, or they don’t hurt themself. So it’s safe to drop the bumper plates on the concrete.

How many 45 pounds of bumper plates fit on a barbell?

The Olympic bar itself is 50lbs and can carry 450lbs at a time. So you can load approximately 9-10 45lbs bumper plates to both sides of the bar.

How many bumper plates should I buy?

It’s quite challenging for us to tell how many bumper plates you buy. Actually, the number of plates depends on your body strength. If you didn’t lift bumper plates before and are a novice weightlifter, then 300 lbs are the right starting weight. So you can take as many bumper plates as you need to reach this 300 lbs.

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