About us

Little Introductions

You are here it means you may wonder what is Northfield Fitness is all about! Well, Basically we are like you who are frustrated to the gym who are milking our money day after day which we can easily do in our home with less money!

But lucky enough we made our gym in the home with a much lower cost than the gym where we can save thousands of dollar monthly subscription! We made it through and guess what? You can too.

That’s why we are here to help you with practical guides on how we do it. We also review products, instruments and supplements with this journey!

Why would you Trust us?

Jimmy Falcon From Northfield Fitness

Well, This is me. I normally avoid publishing picture in my blog for my introverted personality and that is the reason I keep away from going to the gym. Additionally, it saved a lot of money that I can invest to building my own gym at home. I only build Northfield Fitness website to help you guys to build your own gym at home. Moreover, This method will save a lot of money and time for yourself which you can invest.

How can we help you?

Basically, We will provide you detailed guide of exercises, A lot of product reviews(I mean a lot) and buying guides, Dietary help, Routine, Supplement Review and suggestion.

This divided our Category in four section right now.

  • Essential Equipment , Where we provide the buying guide and reviews to help you selecting your equipment that suits you.
  • You can find a lot of tips and tricks in Fitness Tab so that you can perfectly exercise.
  • In Essential Nutrition , we will share what to eat, when to eat and a lot of tips and tricks for diet because you know, real body is isn’t made in gym but in kitchen.
  • And lastly, Weight loss Section. You recognize by the name. We will share how you can reduce your weight at home. Of course you have to work for it.